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OMG, Russian Sherlock fandom managed to frighten English-speaking tumblrers.

Sherlock: A Study in Borscht.

kirilledinaction decided to translate some of the jokes made about impending official Russian dub here and made them seem like real thing. 

When Mrs. Hudson asked if they’d need two bedrooms?
Russian TV translated that scene as her asking them whether they would like some borscht. Not. Making. This. Up. Russian fandom threw a shit fit and came up with a dozen borscht memes. I’m just observing all that and thanking the lord I live in America.

Here’s another transcript:
“Harry is my brother. He did walk out on Clara, they’re getting a divorce. Harry is a drinker.”
“Hmm. I got everything right then?”
“Harry is short for Harry.”
“Your BROTHER. Dammit, he’s your brother! And here I thought he was your brother…”

Russian translators made lots of mistakes, but they managed to translate all of the mentioned RIGHT. 
There is no borscht in the dubbing. A pity, really XD 

Well, here is another meme picture-dialogue:

- Do you like borscht?
- Borscht? No, not really my area.
- Well, then... stchi (Russian cabbage soup)? Which is fine, by the way.
- I know it's fine. No.
- Right. Ok. We'll eat ravioli then. 
- John, erm... Thanks for asking, but I don't eat at work.


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